Making Music Lesson Plan

Through this activity, students will understand that music is all around them and is involved in their everyday lives. Students will create their own tambourine after reading "I Got the Rhythm."


Crumpled Paper Art Lesson Plan

Students will learn, through the book "Ish," to embrace their own work and be okay with their mistakes. Each student will crumple up a piece of computer paper and then paint watercolors on the outside. The paper will then be flattened, and the process will be repeated as many times as possible with multiple colors. Once this is finished, it will create a beautiful and unique watercolor art piece.

Found Art Project

Perhaps this was one of my favorite activities that was done throughout the entire semester. Every teacher can understand the joy of recycled materials and cheap, simple crafts. This project challenged me to think outside of the box and make the most of the resources that I could find. In the Found Art Project, we were encouraged to design and make a piece of art with materials that were found in nature, in our houses, in the trash, or any kind of natural environment. Art pieces ranged from simple to complex. We were challenged to think in new and creative ways, allowing us to make art out of something we would typically view as ordinary.

TCMU Professional Development Reflection

On Wednesday, September 14, our class took a field trip to The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, South Carolina. During this time, we were able to hear from the Early Childhood Director as well as the CEO of the museum. We learned about the exhibits, the staff, and the intentions behind the museum as a whole. This experience was unbelievably meaningful to me. I was able to put myself in the position of a child so that I could learn through play, and by doing so, I firmly believe that I was able to add to my knowledge and my skill set so that I will be an even better educator than I originally could have imagined.