Digital Storytelling Project

As time progresses, digital media is becoming more and more popular in the classroom setting. Students can make videos, create animated movies, or use any form of media to share information or express their feelings about a given topic. In this class, we were challenged to create a digital storytelling project that would share our point of view and answer a specific question.


I chose to create a video about Young Life Capernaum. This is a relational ministry in which I, along with 17 teammates, go into a local high school and form deep relationships with high school students with special needs. I have been involved in this ministry for the past 3 years, and it has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned is how easy and how rewarding it is to love students with special needs. When I first joined Capernaum, I wrote a blog post in which I shared my feelings about these relationships. Often times, the immediate response that I receive when I share my passion for special needs is, “Oh, that takes a special kind of person. I could never do that.” In this video, I chose to explore this topic, so my creation is inspired by my original blog post. What does it look like to love and care for these students? How can we fight against stereotypes, and what do we learn when we do just that? The video primarily shares my point of view as I discuss what I have learned through the past few years.

My process of creating the film was incredibly fun. Unfortunately, my camera broke during the filming process, so I used my iPhone. However, I feel as if this captures the footage in a true, vulnerable way. Nothing is overly glorified–my friends are shown just as they truly are. I filmed the videos and took the pictures at club, our monthly event. My friends were absolutely overjoyed to help me. I explained to each individual what the purpose of my video was, and they suggested that I take individual shots of each of my friends. Then, I took various videos of my friends in their natural environments–talking, eating, singing, playing games, and of course dancing.

Once the footage was gathered, I used iMovie to create the actual video. I arranged the photos and videos, added transitions, included some text throughout the video, and then added music and voiceovers. I am very proud of the voiceovers. I believe that these clips are captivating and trigger emotional responses within the viewers. My point of view is shared in an honest and vulnerable way. I believe that voiceovers are a creative way to express a point of view. I was able to share my opinions while the viewer is still able to focus on the pictures and video clips. Lastly, I chose to include “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit and “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit. These songs are very joyful and upbeat, and I believe that it helps to convey the message that loving these students is FUN and never ceases to be an adventure.


I wish I could improve the overall quality of the video. This could be done by filming with a camera as opposed to an iPhone. I believe that an improved quality could help to make the video even more captivating and intriguing for the viewer to watch.

I would love to use digital storytelling in the future in the scholastic setting. I think it would be interesting to have students split up into groups of 4-5 children and assign each group with a topic, such as an animal habitat, a children’s book, or a historical event. Students could film the video using iPads or another form of technology available in the classroom setting. Then, the students could put the videos together and share them with the class. This would encourage students to practice using digital media in educational environments, and it would also help them to gain knowledge about their topic as well as the topics of others.

“A Special Kind of Person”


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