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As educators, Pinterest can be a life saver. The website is filled with thousands of lesson plans, class activities, and arts and crafts for students. Our class was challenged to find various activities on Pinterest that we would one day love to use in our own classroom.

all hands in.JPG

“All Hands in” by Teaching in Room 6

Pinned By: Elizabeth Marks 

I personally think that this activity would have incredible potential to impact my future students. I think that it is an art activity that encourages not only self-expression but also a deep sense of vulnerability. Before the activity, students create a diagram in which they write facts about themselves. Students are encouraged to think outside of the box and evaluate themselves. After writing down as much information as possible, students are given a sheet of construction paper on which they trace their hands and their forearms. After doing so, each student fills his arm with things about himself–what he desires, what he dreams of becoming, what he excels at, what he finds most interesting. Pictures are drawn, and after completion, each student’s creation is added to a collaborative piece that can be hung on the wall of the classroom.

I chose to document this activity because I believe that it has potential to deeply impact the students in my future classroom. The activity is impactful in a variety of ways. First of all, it encourages reflection and self-exploration. Students must take on a role of introspection in order analyze themselves as individuals. Secondly, it clearly connects literacy and art. Writing is transformed into a series of pictures, so students are not only able to practice an important literacy skill but they are also able to demonstrate a sense of creativity as a result of this. Lastly, it establishes a sense of community within the classroom. Once all arms are placed together, students see that their class is a collaborative body in which all strengths and individual characteristics are valued and celebrated. This activity is memorable to me for these very reasons. I learned that even a simple artistic activity can be used to develop social competence and show children that each and every one of them are valued both inside and outside of the classroom. I would love to do this activity with my future students and hang the final product on the wall of my classroom.

our family tree .jpg

“Our Family Tree”

Pinned By: Brennan Boroff 

I chose to document this activity because I love the idea of creating a family tree within my classroom. I chose to document this because I feel as if it has significant potential to increase feelings of family involvement within the classroom. A “tree” could be designed and placed on the wall of the classroom. On the tree, students could add pictures of their family. Each picture is placed on a different leaf or branch, but students are able to see that everything comes from the trunk–a central, unified area. Based on my studies thus far, I have learned the importance of family involvement in a child’s education. I want each child to wholeheartedly believe that his background and home life matter to his teacher and classmates.

I would love to use this in my future class, but I would ideally like to modify the activity. I personally believe that it would be more meaningful if students were to not only add pictures of their family but also draw their own interpretation of the family. This would enable students to add their own feelings and opinions to the craft in addition to a realistic portrayal of their family members. I would choose to complete this activity within the first few weeks of a school year during get to know you activities. Students would have the opportunity to share about their family with their classmates, thus giving insight into cultural and familial diversity among all students. The tree would remain in the class throughout the entire year so that students would have a tangible reminder that everyone is different but equally valuable.


“Fall Button Tree Quiet Bin for Preschoolers” by Hands On As We Grow 

Pinned By: Caroline Templeton

I chose to document this activity because I believe that it would be absolutely incredible for preschoolers. I would love to use this in a future kindergarten or preschool classroom. This could be done during center time or even during small group instruction. The activity would directly correlate to a lesson about fall, meaning it could be used as an extension that would reinforce the academic content of the class. In addition, this activity would enhance the development of fine motor skills in young children.  It would allow children to channel their energy into one tedious task, meaning they would most likely remain quiet and focused for a considerable amount of time.

This activity was memorable to me because it can be clearly tied to class content but is also quite open-ended. I learned that children are fully capable of engaging in activities such as this without prompts from adults. Young children should be provided with opportunities in which they can act and learn independently. Children are provided with materials and instructions, but the way that they choose to complete the activity is entirely up to them. They are able to tune into their creativity while using only a few simple materials. Consequently, I feel as if this would be a successful art activity to do in an Early Childhood class.


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