Class Experiences

Observation or Affirmation

I believe that this class truly challenged me and encouraged me to put myself in the shoes of a student. We completed a variety of activities that could be used in an elementary school setting, such as portrait drawing, line maps, theater activities, digital storytelling, found art, and pattern exploration. These activities were quite often fun and simple, but I felt encouraged to view them through the eyes of an elementary school student. This was incredibly helpful because it gave insight as to what I would one day like to include in my own classroom.

Question about Myself or Teaching

I noticed that, even during the “messy” activities (i.e. water color, oil pastel, painting with textured objects), I still tended to seek perfection in my work. How can I improve this so that I am able to partake in open-ended activities without being focused on working towards a specific end goal?

Challenge or Question for the Future 

How will I create arts integration lessons that will allow students to partake in creative exploration while also experiencing academic enrichment? What kinds of activities will I do in my classroom, and how will I connect such fun experiences with academic rigor?


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