Drawing to Music Lesson Plan

Art Lesson Title: Drawing to Music

Grade Level: K and above

Objectives/Goals: Start by listing senses “point to your nose, to your eyes, your mouth….those are our 5 senses. Draw senses on big sheet of paper. Have them turn to a parent or partner and point to one of their senses. Explain we will be using our EARS (one of our senses) to make art. Explain we will be listening to a song and however that song makes you feel, you will draw on a sheet of paper. Then introduce music to classroom (play clip of it) show example on board, “If a song makes me feel wiggly inside I might draw….If a song makes me feel hoppy inside I might draw…” have children draw/sponge paint to music, help them understand they are interpreting what they hear through art!




General Music: Standard 4:

The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate music and music performances.

The students will listen to a song and then move to the music/act out how it makes them feel. They will interpret those feelings through drawing and painting using the utensils and materials given to them at their table.

They will complete a work of art that is their interpretation of the music they hear.

General Music: Standard 6:

The student will make connections between music, other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.

The students will interpret culturally diverse music that they hear through visual arts. We are hopefully exposing them to music they have not heard before.

The students will participate in conversations and movements about the culturally diverse music.

Visual Arts:
Standard 1:
The student will demonstrate competence in the use of ideas, materials, techniques, and processes in the creation of works of visual art.

Students will use materials at their tables which will include: paints and crayons to create a work of art using whatever artistic techniques necessary stamping, drawing, painting….

Will use the materials appropriately and efficiently.

Visual Arts: Standard 5:

The student will analyze and assess the characteristics and qualities of his or her own works of visual art and those of others.

The students will reflect on their work and describe it using 3 describing words. They can choose to share their description words along with their artwork to analyze each other’s work.

Students will reflect on artwork and write 3 descriptive words on back of work.

Key Concepts: adjectives, interpretation using multiple senses, description, culturally diverse music


Lesson Sequence: 

1. Start off with ‘senses’ lesson. ***Read I Hear a Pickle, then–draw senses on big sheet of paper. Explain that we will be creating art using our senses. Play clip of music. Make example of how music might look/make us feel. Draw an example. Act out an example. (We will do an example for them presenting the activity and how to use materials.) *West African music and have them do their interpretation of their movements. Then ask the students, “What would that look like if we had to draw it on paper?” Then do it artistically (dots on paper)

2. Introduce “West african” music. Explain assignment. We will be playing two different (four now) songs. Explain to them that we will be drawing and painting however the song makes the students feel. There is no right or wrong drawing, simply their interpretation of the music.

3. Make sure all tables have necessary materials. Play first song.

4. Assist students with any artwork questions or problems.

5. Cut off time. Tell students to either flip over artwork or if wet from paint to grab another sheet of paper and write down 1 word to describe their artwork. (Parents or teachers can assist with writing words).

5. Repeat steps 2-5 with new song.

6. Wrap up lesson by having them stand and take a bow in the front for others to applaud them for their great work. Can share their art if have leftover time.

Resources: http://artfulparent.com/2012/01/guest-post-music-and-art.html


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