Making Music Lesson Plan

Teachers’ Names: Cara Goldberg, Elizabeth Marks, Evie Rogers, and Rachel Coates

Art lesson title: Making Music

Grade/age Level: Preschool and Kindergarten


  • Demonstrate to children that music is all around them and involved in their everyday lives.
  • Have students create their own tambourine.
  • Teach the children about tambourines and rhythm.
  • Have the students participate in the story by imitating the noises and motions of the main character.


South Carolina Academic Standards for the Visual & Performing Arts 

  • MIK-1.7 Perform on instruments a variety of music alone and in groups.
  • MIK-6.5 Identify where and when we hear music.
  • MIK-1.6 Demonstrate the characteristic tone quality of the particular instrument while playing with accurate notes, rhythms, and intonation and maintaining a steady tempo
  • MIK-2.4 Arrange simple rhythmic and tonal patterns for his or her instrument.

South Carolina Standards from another subject/discipline, if appropriate

  • ELA-2.1 Engage in daily explorations of texts to make connections to personal experiences, other texts, or the environment.
  • ELA-1.1 Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and front to back.


  • Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of rhythm by imitating a beat with their hands and matching a call with a response during the reading of the book.
  • Students will be able to exhibit their artistic abilities and showcase their creativity by creating their own tambourine out of a paper plate and choice of available decorations/materials.
  • Students will be able to recognize and keep the beat of music by tapping along to a song that is played.

Assessment strategies:

Informal Assessment:

  • Observation
  • Call & Response during reading
  • Observe students for participation in call & response, such as stomping and clapping when prompted.
  • Listening for the use of instruments after creation.
  • Observe students for appropriate sounds from finished product of instrument.

Formal Assessment

  • We will observe the children completing the project and assess the completed instrument.
  • To assess the completed instrument, we will see whether it makes noise when they shake it and whether it is decorated in a unique manner.

Key Concepts: 

  • List vocabulary, skills, or concepts you will emphasize/highlight
  • Music occurs everywhere
  • Importance of music in the classroom
  • Vocabulary skills involving the different instruments and their names

Lesson Sequence: 

  • Include a warm-up/welcome
    • Hello song, use example pieces/instruments that we’ve created
    • Explain brief outline of what we will do with the children
      • Ask what instruments students know of and what kind of sounds they make, show an example of the instrument they will make
        • Call and response: names of instruments
    • Read book, I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison
  • Activity/lesson
    • Students will make a tambourine out of paper plates and beads. They will be given an opportunity to decorate them with crayons and foam stickers.
      • They will fill their instrument with beads; paper plates will be folded in half and stapled together (adding tape if necessary to ensure that they won’t bust open)
  • Closure activity
    • Play a song (we will provide speakers) and let them use the instruments
      • “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift — Kidz Bop edition (available on Spotify)
  • Clean-up
    • Gather materials and send kids off with a fun instrument.

Materials, supplies, tools, visuals, and equipment:

  • Beads – in classroom
  • Paper plates- we will buy/bring
  • Small paper cups – we will buy/bring
  • Staplers – in classroom
  • Staple remover- in classroom
  • Rolls of tape to cover staples (if necessary)- in classroom
  • Crayons/colored pencils – in classroom
  • Yarn- in classroom
  • Book to read: I Got the Rhythm
  • Bluetooth speaker & iPhone to play song during closing



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