“Making Music With Our Bodies” Lesson Plan

Teacher’s Names: Carly Cooke, Madeleine Kennedy, Kelsey Sauer, and Janay Crosland

Art Lesson Title: Making Music With Our Bodies

Grade/Age Level: Pre K/ 3-5 years old

Rationale/Goals: We want to introduce instruments to the children to broaden their experience about music and sounds. We want children to be able to produce sounds with their body parts and create a rhythm to the Addam’s family melody.

Standards: Objectives: Assessments: (must match objectives)
General Music:

Standard 4:

The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate music and music performances.

MGK-4.5 Use body movement in response to beat, tempo, dynamics, and text of music.

Students will be able to reproduce the sounds they hear by using their bodies as instruments, i.e clapping, drumming legs, etc.. Informal:

Students should be actively participating in all group activities.

General Music:

Standard 2:

The student will improvise, compose, and arrange music within specified guidelines.

MGK-1.5 Echo short rhythmic and melodic patterns on classroom instruments and other sound sources (for example: technologies and found objects.)

Students will be able to make musical sounds with their own body parts using the rhythm of the “Days of the Week” song. Formal:

Students will be create a simple musical selection and perform for the group.

Key Concepts: music and literacy; exploring uses of various instruments; rhythm;using bodies as instruments

Lesson Sequence:

  1. Read the book I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison.
  2. Exploration – Show children the instruments: tambourine (Maddie), drum (Janay), rhythm sticks (Carly), percussive blocks (Kelsey), bells (Carly), and a triangle (Maddie). One by one we will introduce a new instrument. One of us will be in charge of introducing the instrument and allowing the students the opportunity to experience using the instrument.
  3. Transition from instruments to bodies. Show children how they can use their bodies to create music
  4. We will demonstrate the movements: clapping (Janay), snapping (Maddie), stomping (Carly), drumming on legs (Kelsey) and chest, ect.
  5. Similar to how we introduced each instrument, we will have the students try to use each body part as an instrument, as well.
  6. We will pull up a video of the “Days of the Week” song to the rhythm of the Addam’s Family. We will instruct the kids to use their bodies to follow the rhythm of the song. Each of us will demonstrate a different way to use our body (that we just introduced) so that the student’s have a model to follow. Play song 3 times through.
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIvQOab00OQ
  7. Closing: Ask the children if they know what music notes are. Explain that they are how we read music and that we are so excited that they participated and made music with us! Give every child a music note sticker.


  • Children’s book
  • Computer
  • 1 Tambourine
  • 1 Drum
  • 1 Set of Rhythm Sticks
  • 1 Set of Percussive Blocks
  • 1 Bells
  • 1 Triangle

Possible Modifications:

  1. To accommodate students with wheelchairs who cannot sit, we will place them close to the teacher so that they are able to see the book and instruments, but also make sure they are place to the side of the group so that the other students can see.
  2. To accommodate students who cannot snap, we will transition to the next body movement. We will not focus on the inability, but rather focus on what they can do.

Visual Samples of the Product: N/A




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